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TEAM - he Family

Immobiliare Finucci can count on expert professionals who are able to follow the customer in all phases of the buying and selling process, without forgetting after-sales assistance, thanks also to the collaboration with service partners. The team is made up of members of the Finucci family as well as external collaborators.

Miria Finucci
Miria Finucci
Administrator (mother and wife)

Founder in 2000 of the Finucci real estate, always passionate about the world of living, design and architecture, she has become a point of reference in the area for the real estate sector. It follows the customer at 360 degrees both from the property search phase up to the notarial deed but also in the after-sales phase.

Claudio Bonari
Claudio Bonari
Expert real estate appraiser (husband and father)

Since 2000 he has supported Miria in the activity and is specialized in the acquisition of properties, in their evaluation of the market price and also follows the contractual part for the leases.

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Claudia Bonari
Lawyer and legal expert (eldest daughter)

It offers advice on buying and selling properties also for foreign subjects who want to sell or buy in Italy as well as assistance during negotiations.

Immobiliare Finucci
Serena Bonari
Interior designer (younger daughter)

It designs and realizes the real estate dream together with the client, enhancing the needs, the residential use and the desired atmosphere. Specialized in technical drawing and in the artistic process, she creates a portfolio of the property for the client, whether it is restyling, renovation or a concept for hospitality businesses.


Immobiliare Finucci has developed a network of pre- and post-sales services to meet all the needs of customers who wish to sell, buy or rent a property. Our network is made up of multiple experts who allow us to follow the customer in every phase of the contract, by tested and constantly supervised professionals and craftsmen.

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