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We offer consultancy for a correct valuation of the property by providing synthetic and/or analytical estimates of the properties. We ask for the signing of an assignment for the sale and we program the photographic service on the property - including video - for an immediate and efficient presentation to potential customers, illustrating to them with the utmost clarity all the peculiar characteristics of the property.

The property is entered in our database to compare the proposal with the potential buyers previously selected by us and, subject to authorisation, we advertise the properties in our selected sector channels (website, real estate portals, specialized magazines, showcase, via newsletter to users registered in our database) with photos, floor plans, description and asking price. Immobiliare Finucci boasts international partners and has established partnerships with foreign agencies that have customers interested in our beautiful area.

The seller will be constantly updated on the progress of the property and on scheduled visits as well as on the market response and any potential negotiation.

The Finucci real estate also guarantees negotiations in writing, through a purchase proposal and guaranteed by a credit title, assistance up to the Notary Deed as well as, also through its partners, technical-legal assistance for the completion of the sale


Finucci real estate takes care of the analysis and constant monitoring of the real estate market ready to seize the best opportunities at any time; offers the buyer a personalized and tailor made search on needs and desires. Once your new home has been identified, it will be our commitment to follow you step by step throughout the process, from the negotiation to the final deed of purchase in the following phases:

  • Technical assistance in the evaluation
  • Negotiation management
  • Technical assistance in the contractual phase.

The Finucci real estate also guarantees negotiations in writing, through a purchase proposal and guaranteed by a credit title to guarantee the agreement reached, assistance up to the Notary Deed as well as, also through its partners, technical-legal assistance for the completion of the sale.

Furthermore, Immobiliare Finucci will be by your side even after the deed, advising you and remaining a true point of reference.

flightAt your disposal also the TRAVEL SCHEDULE service



Immobiliare Finucci carries out an inspection of the property and evaluates the most correct rent based on the type of property and the market moment.

A quality photographic service will be carried out on the property - including video - to present potential customers, right from the first approach, all the visual details and specific characteristics of the home, in order to carry out only a few targeted and selected visits, even at the end of publication of the announcement relating to the property on our website, in the best internet portals.

We will take care of the management of appointments and organization of visits to the property and then propose to the landlord an information report on the developments of advertising promotion, on the market response and on any interest and potential negotiation.

Finding and checking the documentation of the potential tenant in order to verify its reliability and accurate analysis of the customer to share and facilitate the landlord's choices.

Finucci real estate offers technical, legal and tax advice on leasing and deals with the drafting of the lease contract with its detailed photographic inventory and registration of the same with the Revenue Agency.

Post-contractual assistance (contract renewals, Istat updates, early terminations, cancellations and transfers, etc.).


Free entry into our database of personal research and presentation of currently available properties. We will take care of the continuous and targeted search of the property based on the request and wishes of the customer.

We will provide technical, legal and tax advice on leasing and we will take care of drafting the lease contract with the relative detailed and photographic inventory and registering it with the Revenue Agency.

Finucci real estate also offers post-contractual assistance (contract renewals, Istat updates, early terminations, cancellations and transfers).

Finucci Agenzia Immobiliare


The Property Management service that the Finucci real estate offers is intended for all those who need support (because they reside abroad or for other needs) to enjoy the purchase in a "fast" way. It’s consists in a 360-degree management of the property.

The service can be modulated according to the needs of each customer and makes available to the latter the skills and knowledge gained over the years and may concern:
• Management and planning of the move;
• Supervision of renovation works and periodic reporting;
• Insurance consultancy for home policies;
• Inspection of the property during periods of absence of the owners;
• Search for personnel for the ordinary management of the property such as service and cleaning personnel, gardeners, porters, etc.;
• Assistance for ordinary maintenance (eg boiler, swimming pool, septic tanks, etc.);
• Receiving mail and forwarding to other addresses if required.


Finucci real estate, with the support of experts, offers interior design, renovation and turnkey services. These services are designed for customers who need to carry out interventions - of any kind - on the property and who also require to be followed in this process.

Buying a farmhouse to renovate is an excellent investment in Tuscany but it is essential to be supported by local professionals with excellent knowledge of the area and the best craftsmen. For these reasons, Immobiliare Finucci, now an expert in this field, will support you in this adventure.

The services offered are of different types:

Refresh the image of the house with ordinary maintenance changes.

GOLD SERVICE_Restructuring

Designing a "tailor-made" environment with particular attention to the needs and tastes of the customer.


A complete service of all the services necessary for the work to be completed, complete and ready to be enjoyed.


We and our experts take care of all the formalities relating to the bureaucratic part as well as the request for the appropriate authorizations (for example the request for permits and authorizations from the offices in charge and all the documentation necessary for the implementation of the works)


Finucci real estate offers the Home Staging service through expert professionals in the art of real estate enhancement. The service consists in the creation and installation of a set-up designed to make the property more attractive and aimed at attracting the greatest number of potential customers in order to reach a quick conclusion of the deal. Home Staging consists of a real estate marketing strategy that combines the principles of Interior Design with the knowledge of real estate marketing.

For properties with an exclusive sales assignment, the Home Staging service is included.

Site inspection
Temporary set up

The Open House - literally open house - is a real estate marketing technique that aims to make potential buyers aware of the properties for sale, when the house has been set up with a Home Staging intervention and is therefore in its best condition.

Interested people can visit the property during pre-established days by scheduling scheduled appointments.

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